Insights after 2 years of starting up

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

We recently completed 2 years of incorporation at inVOID

It has been a crazy journey, following are some of my thoughts on starting up :

1. The journey is super tough, you will never feel like you have made it.

2. Things will mostly not in go your favor, when they do, maximize.

3. Get used to hearing No(s)

4. Have someone from the legal standpoint helping you while you are starting up, you will always need legal help.

5. Have an accounting firm besides you because at times you will be scratching your head even if you are from an accounting background.

6. Onboard mentors early on and leverage their expertise & network. Network is net worth

7. If you are building a B2B product, look at the global opportunity from day one.

8. There will be a lot of Product market fits before the final one.

9. A good UX designer by your side will help you paint your ideas on boards & screens. These will go in your pitch decks before you even build the product.

10. Technology is changing rapidly and so are the technical stacks. Love the problem & not the solution.

11. Perfect product is a myth. Timing is not. Make sure your product is out there in the market even if it is not a 100

12. Your product’s/name‘s credibility is the more obvious USP!



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